How do I top up account credit?

To do this, navigate to your account and select the item "Add credit". Then send the specified amount to the displayed address.
Please note that a new deposit address must be generated for each deposit.

Why is my deposit not posted?

Deposits are booked when the transactions 1 confirmation in the block chain can be shown.
Please make sure to choose a sufficiently high transaction fee, as a too low fee can lead to slow transaction times in an overloaded Bitcoin network.

What should I do if I have made a double deposit to a deposit address?

You must generate a new deposit address for each deposit.
If you have sent two deposits to the same address, you must contact support and request assistance.
Please include the transaction number when you create the ticket so that support can track and account for your deposit.

What payment methods does Vendetta support?

We support the following crypto currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR) and the following gift cards: German Paysafecard
An additional fee of 25% will be charged when using a prepaid card to top up your credit. In addition, credit card top-ups can take up to 48 hours, as they must be booked manually by support.

I have forgotten my password, what to do?

In case of loss of the password you have to contact the support.

How can I leave a review for my order?

After your order is completed, you have 14 days to leave a review. To do so, navigate to the corresponding product and submit your review.

What should I do if I discover a bug or error?

In the event of an error or malfunction, contact support and describe the problem as detailed as possible.

Where can I find the PGP key from Vendetta?

The Vendetta PGP key is located in the contact area.